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Rural & Outreach Programmes … …

Primary Health Care facilities have been extended to the rural population of trans Yamuna areas through establishment of a Rural Hospital, situated at village Newada Samogar on Allahabad-Mirzapur Road.

This 15 bedded Hospital has OPD and basic diagnostic facilities, like x-Ray, Pathology. Other facilities include:

  • Day care surgeries.
  • Regular Special Clinics for High Risk pregnancy.
  • Immunization facilities both for ante natal cases and children.
  • Mobile Medical Teams visit different cluster of villages by rotation DAILY.
  • Community Oncology Wing established in the Rural Hospital from July 2003.
  • Rural RCH Camps

Urban Health Initiatives

50 slums of Allahabad city are selected, where Women Health Centers have been established. Facilities are available for Women/Men Health Groups� Meetings, immunization, facility for antenatal checkup, Depot for contraceptives, Iron folic acid, and Disposable Delivery Kits etc. Each Center has a Trained Birth Attendant and Men/Women volunteers working for Reproductive Health.

Project HOPE: Health for the Poor & Enduring
(Reproductive Health Care at Grass Root)

The grass root level health care delivery system was launched in the Birth centenary year of Smt. Kamala Nehru on August 1, 1999 by Smt. Sonia Gandhi, President KNMH Society. The services through a mobile medical team was taken up in far flung village areas in Kaushambi, Chail, Kaurihar, Kasaunda, Chauradih, now in District Kaushambi, and adjoining villages and hamlets, These areas remain unapproached by the established health care system.

Presently, the Hospital has adopted trans Yamuna village Dandupur, with the objective to provide Health Care for All in the village and adjoining areas. The Project focuses mainly on polio inflicted children, women, senior citizens, down trodden, poor and marginalised sections of the society.

Cases, which require investigation and admission are referred to the Hospital and are provided FREE treatment.

Over the decade about 85000 rural patients have benefited and have been provided free medical check-ups and free medicines. This noble cause has the support of Indian Medical Association of Allahabad, Rotary Clubs and other philanthropic organizations.

Smt. Sonia Gandhi visits the villages covered under the Project HOPE

Population Screening Programme For Cancer Of The Cervix, Breast And Oral Cavity

WHO-GOI sponsored project Implemented in Chaka Block of Allahabad District. The activities included:

  • Coordination established with Community Health Center (CHC) and Block Development Office (BDC), Gram Pradhans, Other Hospitals in the Chaka Block eg, ESI Hospital, The Leprosy Mission Hospital.
  • An orientation of Pradhans was conducted, on project activities at Community Oncology Wing and to seek their support in Camps and referrals.
  • Cancer screening is conducted at Community Oncology Wing and Camps.
  • During the village visits MO and MSW referred the suspected cases to COW.
  • Awareness is generated through distribution of Posters/folders and Group meetings.
  • Referral cards and educational material were developed and provided to all the Hospitals in the area.

19 Medical & 47 Para Medical staff working in the Chaka Block were imparted training on early detection of cancer.

NCD Stalls In Health Melas Organised By GOI

The RCC of the hospital actively participated in Health Melas organized by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India in different Parliamentary Constituencies. Major towns are covered and NCD stalls organised.

Facilities at NCD stalls included : Cancer awareness through literature, leaflets, posters , banners and audio visual shows; early detection, counseling and referral. A team of 16 doctors and 21 support staff were trained on management of NCD Stalls, early detection for oral, breast and cervical cancers, awareness and counseling for prevention and management of non communicable diseases and referral facilities.

Total 11,686 persons visited 39 stalls which included 66.59 percent males and 33.41 percent females. 1732 cases (14.82%) had signs and symptoms of pre cancer or frank cancer. Maximum cases seen were of oral cancers (54.50%) followed by breast cancer (23.04%) and uterine cancer(12.07%). Other types of cancers like liver, gall bladder, rectum etc. were 10.29%.

All symptomatic cases were referred for follow up treatment to the nearest speciality center or cancer hospital. Referred cases from Jaunpur, Sultanpur, Faijabad, Fatehpur, Raibareily,,Pratapgarh, Bijnor, Siddharthnagar, Allahabad reported for treatment at RCC.

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