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Quality Improvement in Nursing Care

State Conference on

“Quality Improvement in Nursing Care”

 Held: 23rd March, 2015

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, celebrating Platinum Jubilee year, organized a State Conference on 23rd March 2015, at Vigyan Parishad, Thornhill Road, Allahabad.

The principle objective of this conference was to provide platform to the nurses, to remain abreast with recent developments and knowledge.

KNMH switches over to Solar Energy

Training, Education & Accreditation
  • General Nursing and Midwifery training course started.
  • One year internship programme in Medical Physics started.
  • OT & CT Technician training courses started.
  • Applied for accreditation with NABH. A 3 day NABH Training for Hospital staff including Senior & Resident Doctors, Officers, Nursing Staff and Technicians was conducted.

Projects & Govt. Schemes
  • Janani Suraksha Yojna, a Govt. project for poor expectant mothers, their institutional delivery and monetary assistance has been initiated.
  • Jeev Daya Foundation supported Palliative Care, Paediatrics Oncology & Maternal health started.
  • RAN, RSBY AUCHS, CRPF, PMR/CMR schemes continues.
  • Urban Health Initiative project has been extended till 2015.

Outreach Programmes & Camps
  • Cancer Awareness; Early Detection Camps started. Covered regions – Musafirkhana, Munshigunj, Raibareilly. These camps are arranged in alliance with Indira Gandhi Eye Hospital, Amethi.
  • Rural camps and Project HOPE is being conducted every Fridays, Community Oncology Wing every Saturdays, and during the week Consultants of different disciplines visit the Rural Hospital.
  • Five villages adopted by the hospital, regular visit of consultants are carried out for early cancer detection and reproductive child health. The adopted villages are: Kohdar, Mendra, Tigja, Pipraon and Pathra.

New Equipment
  • Department of Cancer-Surgery strengthened by purchase of latest equipment. En-seal harmonic, laparoscopic surgery and bronchoscope.
  • State of the Art, two 4D Color Doppler Ultrasound units installed for quick and precise diagnosis.
  • Anaesthesia Work Station 9100C commissioned for upgraded Anaesthetic support.
  • New Server, PC and hi-tech Networking devices installed for a more secured and faster working. The setup is Optical fibre ready.

New Facilities, Wards & increase in Beds
  • A new Pharmacy Store and Dispensing counters constructed and commenced.
  • New State of the Art ICU (6 beds), Dialysis unit (2 beds), Day Care (6 beds) and POP (6 beds) started.
  • Jawahar Ward – a 11 bedded Paediatrics Oncology Ward commissioned. Providing free bed and food to the children admitted in this ward.
  • 17 Bed Chemo ward starts especially for patients needing only day care facility for installation of chemotherapy, encouraging good quality home care and reducing overall cancer treatment expense.
  • New Executive rooms for patients commenced, Nursing stations in Major wards built, maintenance work taken up.
  • New Departments, Gastro and Ortho started.
  • Evening OPD (multi-disciplinary) starts functioning.
  • Boundary wall of the Base Hospital, Naini, constructed.
  • Base Hospital, Naini - Indoor facilities and round the clock services started, with provisions for medicine disbursement to the patients.
  • Total number of beds in Hospital as on date stands at 370 beds. During the last two years approx. 100 beds have been added.
  • LINAC is being extensively used and approx. 100 patients per day are being treated. KNMH is highly obliged to Shri Murli Deora, Trustee, for arranging this state of the art machine.

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